H.H. Bhakti Rakshak Sidhanti Maharaj




B.R. Siddhanti MahrajI, Bhakti Rakhyak Sidhanti Maharaj, was born on 1977 to an oriya Brahmin family of Village-Gangapur, District-Ganjam, Odisha, India. My Father’s name is Rabindranath Panda and my Mother’s name is Santilata Panda.

I studied upto Diploma in Civil Engineering and completed my studies in 1997. After completing my studies I went to Mumbai in search of job. At Mumbai I faced a train accident but fortunately I survived. So I thought Lord saved me and I got another life.

Then onwards I always thought:-

*Who is God?

*How can I know about him?

I asked these questions to so many people, one person told me if you go to Vrindavan for 3 months then you can get some knowledge about Lord. So I went to Vrindavan and stayed there for 3 months. On that period I came to knew that the actual goal of life is to Know God and Serve God. So I decided it is good to be a Brahmachari and stay in temple.

Then I met with my beloved guru maharaj Srila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri

Goswami Maharaj and took initiation from him on Baladev jayanti in 1998 at Vrindavan Seva Kunj, Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission.

I stayed there for 2 years, then Guru maharaj told me to go to Sambalpur, odisha and stay there for 6 years. Then by the order of my Guru Maharaj, I came to Bhadrak a District in Odisha. Since then I am staying at Bhadrak. My beloved Guru maharaj passed away from this material world to spiritual world on March, 2009 which was very sad full for me. One thing always my Guru maharaj inspired me to preach about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu all over the world. So I took sanyas on june, 2009 from our god brother Pujyapad Bhakti Saoudha Keshab Maharaj.

Then I started preaching Bhagbat Katha firstly at Surat, Pandesara then Mumbai, Sakinaka and various places in Odisha. In between I went two times to various countries in Europe continent.

YOURS, DATE:-26/07/2017

B.R. Sidhanti